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Criminal Defense and College Discipline Defense Matters

Criminal Defense: Shaw & Murphy has decades of experience defending clients accused of violations such as harassment, disorderly conduct, drug possession, and DWI, and to felonies including sexual assault, theft, assault, and other serious charges. We work to find the best resolution to the charges by negotiating a plea with the District Attorney’s Office, or by defending the client at trial. We can also assist with getting criminal records sealed, or corrected.

Driving While Intoxicated: Our decades of experience includes defending DWI/DUI charges, and helping clients negotiate the challenging technical issues that impact their license status.

College Discipline Defense: We have decades of experience defending students accused of university conduct code violations at Cornell University and Ithaca College. Our experience includes defending students accused of Title IX violations (sexual assault and misconduct), drug possession and alcohol offenses, hazing, fake ID possession, criminal mischief and trespassing, and theft. We fight zealously to achieve the best possible outcome, by negotiating with the Judicial Administrator/Judicial Affairs Office, providing advise during interviews and meetings with the JA or campus police, guiding and representing clients at hearings, and appealing any unfavorable decisions. We also have experience with filing complaints with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights against Universities for adverse decisions.

College Discipline Complainants: If you filed a complaint against another student and are not accused yourself, sometimes it is helpful to have an attorney represent and guide you through the process. We have experience advising student complainants and witnesses in a variety of campus matters, from minor offenses to Title IX offenses.

Traffic Tickets: We have years of experience in handling vehicle and traffic matters, including speeding tickets, driving with a suspended license, and other traffic infractions.


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