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Personal Family Matters

Estate Planning: Whether fresh out of graduate school or starting retirement, Shaw & Murphy can assist you and your family by drafting wills to distribute your property and care for your survivors after death. We can help appoint agents using a power of attorney or health care proxy or living will to make medical decisions when you cannot do so. We also create and help manage trusts.

Probate: When you suffer a loss, we can help you understand the probate and administration process and draft the papers necessary for a court to appoint the person to administer estates. Our services include helping estates find the heirs and organize assets, making sure liabilities are paid and then ensuring an orderly distribution of property to the beneficiaries.

Family Law: Shaw & Murphy helps clients focus on their ultimate goals. We help couples in adoption. When families face difficult relationships and need to change, we help shift focus from the past onto how to help clients move to their future goals. Whether it involves child custody and visitation, divorce, separation, pre-marital agreements or termination of parental rights, we ensure clients are aware of their options in Court, as well as alternative ways to achieve their goals through mediation and Collaborative Law [Can we get this hyperlinked to IACLP site?]

Real Estate: We represent both commercial and individual clients in all areas of real estate law, including the purchase and sale of property, construction matters, mortgages and foreclosures, zoning, landlord-tenant matters, adverse possession, and boundary line disputes.

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