Shaw & Murphy, PLLC | Attorneys-At-Law
Shaw & Murphy, PLLC | Attorneys-At-Law

Real Estate – Residential and Commercial

We represent both commercial and individual clients in all areas of real estate law, including the purchase and sale of property, construction matters, mortgages and foreclosures, zoning, landlord-tenant matters, adverse possession, and boundary line disputes.

Purchases and Sales of Homes: We regularly work with clients to review contracts drafted by brokers. We then research and review tax records, survey maps, and clerk records to ensure that a closing can be held in a prompt, efficient manner.

Purchases and Sales of Commercial Real Estate: Whether it involves rental apartments near our local colleges, businesses, farmland, or lakefront, we can help clients choose, evaluate, and then promptly close on purchases or sales to help their business interests.

Construction issues: We can help if you have problems with contractors in new construction, or renovation projects.

Assessment: We can present an assessment challenge to your property taxes when appropriate.

Mortgage Lending: We assist clients seeking to leverage their real estate investments by refinancing their loans, or are seeking a new mortgage.

Foreclosures: We represent both clients who need to collect mortgage debts, and those who find themselves being sued by banks.

Boundary Line Issues: We work with clients to resolve boundary lines which have encroachment issues or incorrect survey/recording information.

Zoning: We represent clients who challenge the application of zoning or other land-use regulations.

Leases: We tailor leases to a client’s property and needs, whether it’s a vacation rental, student rental, or commercial rental.

Evictions: We represent landlords in the eviction of tenants who have not paid their rent, remain after leases end, or who otherwise violate their leases. We also represent tenants defend against landlord issues when appropriate.