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Shaw & Murphy, PLLC | Attorneys-At-Law

Wills, Trusts, And Estate Planning

Whether fresh out of graduate school, newly married, combining families, or starting retirement, Shaw & Murphy can assist you and your family with arrangements to take care of you.

Powers of attorney: We can help you appoint others to act for you while you are alive, and do so in a way that maximizes your protection if an agent tries to exceed their authority.

Wills: We can help you organize who will receive your estate when you die, including arranging for charitable gifts.

Health Care Proxy and Living Wills: We can help you describe and place limits on the medical care you receive if you are cannot communicate due to health problems.

Trusts: We can help you evaluate whether a revocable or irrevocable trust is the right estate planning vehicle for you by working with your financial professionals to meet your charitable, estate and/or tax goals.

Probate: As part of your Estate Planning, we can work with your financial professionals to minimize or avoid probate, and to maximize your estate legally for possible future need for public assistance for medical care.

Standby Letters of Guardianship: We can help you identify persons to provide immediate care for your minor children.

Disposition of Remains and Organ Donation Declaration: We can help you identify who is to help with your remains and whether you wish to donate your organs after death.

Estate Administration/Probate: When you suffer a loss and are appointment as a fiduciary, we help you understand the Probate and Administration process. Our services include preparing the required Petitions with the appropriate court, locate heirs/beneficiaries, organize assets, making sure liabilities are paid, and ensuring an orderly distribution of property to beneficiaries.