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Shaw & Murphy, PLLC | Attorneys-At-Law

Family Matters: Custody, Visitation, Child & Spousal Support, Separation and Divorce

When clients and their families face difficult relationships, we help clients through their turmoil and work with the client’s financial advisors, therapists and child specialists to find the solution that best fits their situation, needs, and goals. Whether it involves fighting for you in court or working out a resolution through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative law, Shaw & Murphy can help you and your family through this difficult time.

Family Court: We are experienced in guiding clients through proceedings in Family Court and advocate for your and your children’s needs.

  • Custody & Visitation: We help clients advocate for their children’s best interests, whether through contested proceedings in Family Court or through agreement.

  • Child Support: We help custodial parents obtain support for their children and represent non-custodial parents to ensure that their children receive regular financial support while allowing the client to arrange their financial lives after the ending of a relationship.

  • Spousal Maintenance: We work with clients to consider whether they need to pay or to receive financial assistance from their former partner as part of arrange life after the ending of a relationship

  • Relocation: We are experienced in making requests to the Court for a parent to relocate out of the area with a child and help clients plan for this possibility in separation and settlement agreements.

  • Adoption: We draft the necessary paperwork and appear in Court to help clients bring new children into their home.

Divorce: When a client needs to end a marriage, we bring the necessary lawsuit to end a marriage, either on a cooperative uncontested basis, or – if necessary – by taking the case to trial and helping clients focus on achieving their goals.

Separation Agreements: We counsel clients who are separating or contemplating divorce and help them arrange to divide property and make new arrangements for parenting and having time to be involved in their children’s lives.

Alternatives to Court: We educate clients on alternatives to achieving their goals without going to Court. We help clients understand their options in negotiation, mediation and Collaborative Law.